Magicard Support Portal

We developed the Magicard support portal in early 2014 for Ultra ID, a division of Ultra Electronics. It provides a comprehensive support resource for owners of their industry-leading range of high security ID card printers.

Through a series of user-centred workshops with key stakeholders in Marketing, Sales and Customer Support, we sketched out the ideal customer support journeys. These journeys were split into a programme of agile sprints, successively delivering features, building into the completed solution.

Through in-sprint product reviews, we identified refinements to the business processes and user experience. These improvements were incorporated into the following sprint, delivering weekly drops and keeping the momentum high through a complex project with many stakeholders.

Technically, the delivered solution is in two parts: custom workflows and schemas implemented in Salesforce/ServiceCloud and a web portal securely integrated with the object repository through web services.

Visit the Magicard Printer Support portal

There is no way we could have done any of this without your help. The competition has nothing even approaching this. We’re all eternally grateful !
Nathan Taber,
Global Marketing Executive, Ultra Electonics ID