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Magicard Support Portal

An online support portal for world's best ID card printers.

Portland Rocks CIC

The website we developed for Portland Rocks aggregates their social network activity and works beautifully on mobiles, tablets and desktop browsers.

How to fix WordPress admin-ajax.php 302 Redirection error

Needed to post this to help any other poor soul trying to get Wordpress to provide an AJAX service to non-logged in users. Note this is only necessary if you've got a plugin active that bans front-end users from back-end functionality. Most of the front-end login plugins do this.

Bespoke CMS == Vendor Lock In?

Bespoke content management systems are nearly always just vendor lock-in. There, I said it.

Hopefully Google will index this and some hapless business owner will avoid commissioning a web agency to implement their website using a proprietary CMS.