Specsavers ecommerce architecture

We worked with Specsavers to architect an ecommerce solution that enabled their existing customers to purchase prescription glasses online. The project had some challenging constraints: it was their first ‘serious’ attempt to sell product online, it had to go live in 6 months and.. launch first in the Australian market.

We worked with project managers, IT teams, marketing stakeholders and 3rd party agencies around the world to identify a minimal-viable-product (MVP) solution that would give Australian customers a best-in-class experience in the timescales available.

The solution uses a custom on-premise integration in their Melbourne datacenter to securely transfer customer prescription data to an AWS-hosted service. We designed AWS-hosted services that present both customer and product REST APIs, enabling integration with the customer-facing website across a number of UX touch-points.

The project went live on time and continues to successfully serve Specsavers’ Australian customers with prescription eyewear. Out of this project, an organisational need for better integration tools was identified, so we championed the adoption of a strategic iPaaS component as part of the solution roadmap.

After the success of this project, we went on to help with Specsavers’ online booking service, improving the offering in the UK and rolling it out to other countries in Europe.

Thank you so much for such great work in the both the ecom and FAB teams.
Phil Williams, Head of Digital, Specsavers